Playmaker Game Jam

Playmaker Game Jam is an annual game jam hosted by Dumb Game Dev, open to all Unity Playmaker users. It was first started to help foster community between Hutong Games Playmaker users (visual scripting solution for the Unity Game Engine), and has been held annually since 2018.

Playmaker Game Jam 2020 will be held late summer to early fall of 2020. Watch this space or join the Playmaker (unofficial) slack chat channel to stay up to do!


Playmaker Game Jam 2019

Playmaker Game Jam 2019 was held from Sept 13 (Friday) till Sept 17 (Monday) and had the spooky themes of "Murphy's Law" and "Dark Miracles". Like all of our hosted Playmaker game jams, our focus was on community, education and above else fun. Unlike last years game jam, 2019 only had one prize category, as judged by the public and the game jammers themselves.

We had a clear winner in 2019. The game GENESIS by Bliz Studio!

Thank you to everyone who participated! All submissions can be downloaded from and played for free on your computer.


Playmaker Game Jam 2018

Playmaker Game Jam 2018 was the first Playmaker Game Jam and was held March 23rd till March 26th. This first year, the general game jam rules were set out:

  1. Required engine is Unity + Playmaker.
  2. Playmaker must make up 80% or more of the code.
  3. You may work alone or in a team.
  4. Create your project in 72 hours.
  5. You must follow the theme.

The themes were "Last Resort" and "Not a Hero". In 2018 we had various awards categories including, Peoples Choice Aware, Best Overall Game, Most Creative Game, and Best Technical Achievement. To learn more about the 2018 Jam and play the submitted games, please visit the official page.