Kraken Node Editor for Unity

Kraken Editor is the ultimate visual scripting editor solution for unity. Create visual scripting graphs for editor tools to automate tasks in Unity 2018 and beyond.

About Kraken

Kraken Editor is a visual scripting solution that can replace the need for almost any custom editor scripting in Unity. Replace, rename or remove any object or file in unity. Create custom reports or generate builds for multiple platforms. Creativity is your only limit when combing nodes together to solve any task in Unity.

  • Easy to use
  • Comes with 100’s of premade nodes
  • Export graphs to share
  • Dozens of example graphs
  • Automate tasks on more than one scene
  • Supports all major types of variable lists and variables

Kraken Editor is currently in closed alpha release. Drop us a line to join our open beta when it becomes available.